It’s the summer holidays and we’re now right in the middle of one of our busiest periods of the year in 2020.

And the one thing we see every year around this time is an increased number of bookings that entail correcting the damage caused by rental machines hired by homeowners with a little more time on their hands.

While it may be tempting to hire a machine yourself and save a few dollars , we’ve always advised against it, and not just because it may benefit our business.

The machines that are now commonly available in supermarkets throughout Campbelltown are not capable of attaining anywhere near the same results as those operated by full time professional carpet cleaning companies.

And even if your carpets are in reasonable condition and you figure they just need freshening up, the decision shouldn’t just come down to results (or indeed price) in any case.

The reality is that the if you hire one of the vast majority of rental machines, it is too easy to over-wet your carpets and extremely difficult to then extract that excess moisture with an under powered vacuum system.

They are often simply not fit for purpose.

This is particularly the case with wool based carpets, which most of our enquiries relate to when new customers call for help with accidental damage.

Is some cases, the damage is too significant to remedy and the homeowner is faced with trying to claim on their insurance or footing the bill for replacement carpets.

At best, they will have paid once for the rental machine and chemicals, and then again for the hire of a professional to rectify the issues. (In our experience, many hire companies are reluctant to offer any form of compensation and instead blame the homeowner for operating the machine incorrectly.)

In truth, it is difficult even for an experienced carpet cleaner to achieve a satisfactory result without using excess moisture or chemicals when operating under powered rental machines.

A more cost effective approach in the long term is to regularly vacuum your carpets and book an annual or bi-annual carpet clean with a trusted local professional carpet cleaning company in Campbelltown .