Have you ever hired a carpet cleaning company in Campbelltown and been left disappointed with the service?

Perhaps everything looked OK after the clean but a couple of days later many stains and spots reappeared?

Or maybe your carpets took forever to dry after the cleaning process and were left with a musty odour?

When you hire us, we guarantee you’ll be happy with our professional service.

If we spot a stain or damage that we believe is permanent, we’ll be honest and tell you before you part with payment.

In the current online world it’s more difficult than ever to make a confident decision when hiring a carpet cleaning company.

Everyone declares they’re the “best” in your area and whatever one company says, another will copy.

And many companies will try to pass-off their sub-standard budget equipment as “state of the art high-powered machinery!”

In our company, we utilise the best truckmounted and portable machinery available in the industry.

Our process is thorough, safe and effective and leaves your carpets bone dry and odour-free in just a couple of hours.

There’s minimal disruption and from the outset we handle everything for you, including carefully moving furniture where appropriate.

When you hire Total Carpet Cleaning, you’re not just getting another carpet cleaning company.

You’re getting highly trained technicians and the peace of mind that the job is being carried out using the best machinery in the industry.

You’re getting a transparent price with no unexpected added extras.

But more than this, you’re getting our hard-earned reputation.

And this is far more important to us than a few extra dollars.